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Mother, Mayor, Business Owner

My name is Krista Knudsen. I’m the Mayor of Lake Shore, a restaurant owner, mother and wife running for House District 5A which includes portions of Cass, Wadena, Hubbard, and Becker Counties. I have been Mayor of Lake Shore since 2020 and served on the city council for eight years prior to that. My husband and I have owned and operated Cowboy’s restaurant since 2011.  Together, we have four beautiful children and have lived in  Lake Shore for seventeen years.


For the last six years, much of this newly designed district has been represented by Rep. John Poston who announced this month that he will retire from the House at the end of his term. Our communities have been blessed to have a good man like John representing us, and I would be absolutely honored to continue his work as your next State Representative.

What are my priorities?

I will help our businesses thrive again by ending the government overreach that’s hurt our jobs and livelihoods with unconstitutional mandates, forced business closures, and tax increases.  Every working Minnesotan is essential!  I’ll stand up for medical freedom and make sure no employee must choose between their job and being forced to get vaccinated.


I want to send the surplus back to US, the taxpayers! I will work to get rid of the tax on social security benefits. With a $9.253 billion budget surplus, we can do it! We must do it!  We must put this money back in the pockets of hard-working families and make it easier for seniors to stay here in Minnesota when they retire.


I’ll ALWAYS be a fearless protector of our constitutional rights. I’ll never waiver in support of the Second Amendment! You should have the right to protect your own home, and government has no business trying to restrict rights for law-abiding gun owners. EVER!


We need ELECTION INTEGRITY! I’ll work to pass Voter ID, stop illegal immigrants from voting in Minnesota, and get rid of VOUCHING. We need to restore faith and confidence in our election system, and make sure we’re cracking down on voter fraud.


I will be a proud PRO-LIFE LEGISLATOR! As a God-fearing Christian, protecting the unborn and upholding Minnesota’s pro-life laws are deeply personal to me.


These are just some of the issues I’m passionate about.  I look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks about YOUR priorities for our district. In the coming weeks I’ll be calling and even door-knocking our delegates, connecting with you and working to earn your confidence, trust, and support.

I’m honored to have Rep. Poston endorse my campaign!

"Krista is a strong conservative and I can't think of anyone better to represent this district. She brings great experience as a business owner, an educator, and community leader who will fight for us down in Saint Paul and be an excited new voice for our area."
- Rep. John Poston (retiring)


Krista and her husband, Kevin, have been married for 15 years, and have four children. They love spending time together as a family enjoying the lakes area no matter what the season. Krista and Kevin are the owners of Cowboy's Restaurant in Lake Shore, MN.

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